Possess your allies and summon a dragon in a fierce battle between mages!

In this bullet hell game, your purpose is to find the 7 crystals in the desert to summon the Ice Dragon. If you are killed, you can wander as a soul and possess an ally mage.


"We are getting closer to achieve our final goal. We, the Water Mages, found the location of the crystals that we seeked for centuries. With these crystals, we shall be able to summon the legendary Ice Dragon.

But we are not alone in the desert. Our foes, the Fire Mages, followed us through the desert. They will do anything to prevent us from summoning the dragon we worship.

It's my responsibility to collect the crystals as the Archmage. I have a special power: When I'm killed, my soul still wanders. I can possess another Water Mage if the mage is still alive.

Now we must collect these crystals!"


Programming: Ahmet Kamil Keles

Art: August

Musics and SFX: Outer Lives  || Soundcloud

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